Win a FREE ceramic coating!

We’re giving a FREE ceramic coating away this weekend… If you are at Market Hall for AutoRama, then you’ve probably clicked on a QR code to get here. If not, it’s your lucky day!

We’re at Market Hall this weekend showing off a beautiful 60th Anniversary Edition Corvette with full custom interior and a super slick Nanoskin ceramic coating! Come see us in the northwest corner today!

What is a ceramic coating, anyway?!

That’s a very simple questions with a LOT of answers… In automotive terms, a ceramic coating is the application of Silicone Dioxide (SiO2) to your vehicle’s paint. What is SiO2? Think of it as quartz or glass. It’s a super slick, non-porous film that is chemically bonded to your vehicle’s finish that protects it from the elements.

What does a ceramic coating do?!

Ceramic coatings protect your paint from harmful UV rays, chemicals often found on roadways and other environmental damage to your vehicle. It’s also very hard to scratch (Nanoskin’s T3 is a 9h on the graphite scale), so it keeps your vehicle looking newer longer.

Why can’t I just buy a bottle and apply the coating myself?!

You can! There are dozens of products available to consumers. There’s a catch, though… If you have years upon years of experience detailing and buffing countless vehicles then that’s a great option for you! If you’re uncomfortable taking sandpaper to your vehicle’s finish, then… Probably not.

Why should I choose Recon Central for ceramic coatings?!

First and foremost, we like your car and want to protect it from all the crazy things you do to it on a daily basis (leaving it outside, parking under trees, automatic car washes, etc…). Second, want you to look fantastic while driving a super shiny vehicle with as little maintenance as possible. Here’s how:

  1. A thorough hand wash of the exterior of your vehicle
  2. Clay is used tiny particles you can’t see
  3. Depending on the vehicle, wet/dry sanding and/or buffing (rotary) is used to get rid of scratches (hours and hours)
  4. The Rupes polishing system is used to polish the clear coat to a super smooth, high-gloss shine.
  5. The finish is cleaned one more time with an alcohol solution to remove any remaining polish/compound
  6. Finally, a coating of Nanoskin’s T3 ceramic coating is applied
  7. One last polish wraps things up!

We’re not practicing… But it still takes us a couple of days to get this done. When you’re ready, let us know you’re #ReconReady!