Interior Options.
See what you see.
Only better.

Just about everyone enjoys looking at a beautifully polished car or truck. It can catch your eye from a distance or make you stop dead in your tracks for a closer look. Ironically, the most time you spend looking at your car is probably from the inside.

We can help change the way you see your ride.

Custom Upholstery

We offer complete custom interiors. From classics and show cars to street machines and luxury sedans… We hand-craft your vision to a tee and we do it on time and on budget. Peruse the photos on this page and in the gallery for inspiration then give us a call!


Seat Covers

Hopefully, most of the time you spend in your car is seated. Especially if you’re driving. This seat should be as comfortable as your favorite chair… Or keep you where you need to be in a tight turn. In any case, we can help create the perfect spot for you to enjoy your ride. Give us a call!



Headliners aren’t something you usually see… Unless, of course, they’re in your face or drooping down. Why is that so embarrassing?! We can help. There’s not a lot of repair that can usually be done to a headliner, but we can certainly replace it. And if you feel like you might want to take a closer look at the top of the inside of your car… We can customize that, too!


Leather / Cloth Repair

There’s nothing more annoying than normal wear and tear. In some cases, we can repair the cloth, vinyl and leather components in your vehicle. Sometimes we need to replace some or all of your OEM issues… Of course, we can always upgrade to full custom. Your call!


Trim Reconditioning

You spend most of your vehicle time looking just past the steering wheel. How’s that look? What about the worn spot on your armrest or the faded trim pieces on your dash (that’s mostly for the Mercedes owners out there). We can repair or replace these items. They’re the last thing you need to be thinking about on the way to an important meeting or event. Give us a call so you can focus on you.