Exterior Options.
Get your shine on.

We’re pretty well known for what we can do to the inside of just about any vehicle… But that’s really just the half of it.

Take a look at what we can do for the half that everyone else sees…

There’s always a LOT going on at the Detail Shop in Addison, but it all starts with a good, clean slate… To us, that means a foam bath followed by a thorough once-over with a clay mitt to see what’s what. Once we know what we’re working with, it’s time to get your shine on!

Shine means different things to different people… We can do everything from a single-stage polish and wax to a multi-stage cut, buff and polish to bring out every ounce of beauty your ride has to offer.

Once you’ve got that shine on, there’s only one thing left to do… Make it deeper and last longer. Our ceramic coatings lock in that just waxed glow and help protect your vehicle from sun and scratch alike.

No matter how careful you’ve been in the past, you’re scratched. Keeping your vehicle clean is the easiest way to damage your paint… Car washes… Dirty rags… Dusty garages. They all find a way to scratch, halo or just dull your shine. Most of this can be dramatically improved with paint correction.

Things happen. And by that, I mean kids. Well… To be fair, it’s kids, dump trucks, mall parking lots, birds and a host of other things that can cause more damage than any cut, buff and polish can remove. We can help there, too! As deductibles keep getting higher, it just doesn’t make sense to file an insurance claim when we can fix those minor bumps and bruises for much less than a typical body shop.