Recon Ready

We do a lot. But we’re at our best when we do a lot! Odds are that you don’t just need one thing… We can work with you, your budget and timeline to get things done. From ready for the show to this rig’s gotta go, Recon Central is up for the challenge. That’s Recon Ready.

Complete Reconditioning

Front to back, and top to bottom… We walk through what you want, what’s necessary and what makes sense with respect to what you’re trying to accomplish. Truth told, we do this on every project.


Paintless Dent Repair

There are two kinds of PDR. Two very different kinds.

If your vehicle needs minor repair from a shopping cart ding or rude co-worker that insists on parking next to you and… Well, you get it. That’s one type. We can minimize the appearance of the damage. The co-worker is still your problem.


If you have been attacked by hail, and there’s no other way to say that, then that’s the other. We use our friends at Revive Auto Hail Repair in Carrollton. They can work with your insurance company and make things as painless as possible!

Vehicle Photography

We love cars. We love taking photos of cars. If you’re selling your car, we’d love to take photos of your car.

There’s no questions that better photos will help your vehicle sell quicker and for more money. Why not combine that with a full detail and perhaps some interior reconditioning? Maybe some PDR… You just might decide not to sell.


Marketing Services

Marketing is typically something we do for our dealer partners, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help provide you with market analysis, vehicle features and suggest pricing to maximize your position when it comes time to sell.



So it’s time to sell, but you don’t want to trade… Or you want to trade, but don’t like the offer you’ve been given. Maybe your have a classic or super rare vehicle that just needs exposure to sell. These are just a few of the reasons to have a quick discussion about consignment. Not giving people you don’t know your address to test drive a Tesla? That’s the best reason to give us a call!